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A preacher that can tell a story

NYC Road (Wrecking) Crew

Natural Beer Album: Condo pictures posted to Facebook
Album: Pictures from Iceland Trip of July 2009 posted to Facebook
Jake and Shelly's wedding pictures
Colette's place of work
David's place of work

... and a bonus: a friend of mine, Daniel Bowman, sent me a link to a YouTube video he made, singing a variation of an Irish song about Christmas, "Christmas in the Jar". He wrote the lyrics himself. Pat and I went with some friends to a local restaurant where he performed and he was nice enough to send us a link to it. Click here to enjoy! ... and for a little cat humor

click here or just watch it here:


Testing photo sharing on DropBox (junk photos)

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Worship Audio (testing sermon player for STL)

The Second Sunday after Pentecost - June 26, 2011

Sermon Second Sunday after Pentecost, 6/26/11: The Rev. David Brower

Complete Worship Second Sunday after Pentecost, 6/26/11

Participants: The People of God
Celebrant: The Rev. David Brower
Preacher: The Rev. David Brower